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We Love Mushrooms

At Fungidelic we grow mushrooms, teach other people how to grow them in and we sell the stuff you need to grow ’em. Most of all we like to meet up and share knowledge with other folks who love mushrooms. 

Fungidelic is a company but we’re also a growing, learning community of mushroom-lovers, myco wizards and fungi-geeks. Did I mention we love mushrooms? 

Are you a Haarlem area based Chef?

I you want to work with super fresh,  locally grown mushrooms such as Lions Mane, Pink Oyster Mushroom or Shiitake, we’ve got your back! Get in touch!

  • Pink Oyster Mushroom

    Golden Oyster Mushroom

  • Pink Oyster Mushroom

    Pink Oyster Mushroom

  • Lions Mane

  • King Oyster Mushroom


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