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What would you like to learn?

  • Do you catch yourself thinking about mushrooms at weird or inappropriate times?
  • Have you tried finding your way through cluttered internet fora trying to distinguish between facts and fables? 
  • Do you have some experience and would you like to move on to more advanced stuff? 
  • … and in the process become part of a growing, learning community?

So.. Are The Workshops Any Good?

Great Value Workshop

“This is such a great workshop for anyone interested in learning more about mushrooms. Whilst the workshop focusses on growing (therapeutical) mushrooms, Alan is very knowledgeable on all fungi and was happy to answer all of our questions. He also showed us his workshop where he also grows some gourmet mushrooms which was very cool! You will definitely meet some great people too, we are still in contact afterwards sharing the progress of our mushroom grows. Great value workshop, strongly recommend.”
– Theo, 23-5-2023

Proud to Bring Home my Jars

“Alan is very passionate about mushrooms. During the workshop I learned a lot about the benefits of mushrooms in general and about (therapeutical) mushrooms. The hands on part of the workshop was a lot of fun and I feel proud to bring home my own 6 jars that I will help grow into a lot of therapeutical mushrooms over the coming weeks. Recommend this workshop to any mushroom and/or (therapeutical) mushroom lover! Thanks Alan.”
– Shon, 23-5-2023

Highly Impressed

Highly impressed by Alan and his workshop. Very professional workshop, with every detail worked out and an answer to every question. Besides getting a very clear understanding about how mushrooms works and how to grow and preserve them it was nice being with al different poeple with different backgrounds. After the workshop we all got added (in consent of course) to a group whatsapp so we could show our grows and exchange ideas and keep in touch. Loved it, will highly recommend this to anyone who wants to know more about mushrooms and growing them. 
– Rob, 28-3-2023

Our coming workshops

Therapeutical Mushrooms Workshops and Courses
Therapeutical Mushrooms Workshops and Courses
Therapeutical Mushrooms Workshops and Courses

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