‘Magic Bag’ Grow kit


The easiest way to grow mushrooms at home! Simply set the bag away from direct sunlight and in relatively stable (room) temperature. Apart from a few easy steps, the kit will basically grow itself. All you need to do is harvest!  The kit includes an instructional video. If there is any problem with the kit, just let us know.

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This super easy all-in-one grow bag can be fruited in your preferred way! After complete colonisation ┬ádump it into a Mono tub or Shoebox, fruit it directly in a “shotgun fruiting chamber” or just use fruit it straight from the bag! Hugs flushes of mushrooms just growing themselves. It’s magic!

Note that there is a two week production time for this product.

Warning: This is used to grow mushrooms that contain psilocybin. Check the legal status is your country of residence and if illegal, only use for microscopy research.

Please follow the enclosed instructions carefully


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